Mar. 8 Intense/SC Midlands Club

Shamrock Showdown (Club) | March 8 | Columbia, SC
Host: Intense & SC Midlands



Entry Fee: (pmts made inside 2 weeks has $25 late fee)


Age / Level Division Offered:

12-18 Club

Host Contact Info :

Jerry Dorneker | | 
803-600-8005Cynthia Dimapan | | 803-586-1822

Withdrawal Deadline:

Feb. 14th, 2014

Misc/ Special considerations

General Tournament Rules and Information

For questions related to withdrawal, changes, or entries, email or call the region at or during business hours 864-576-3700.

For specific questions about tournament or gym sites, contact the host.

Gym Sites

Gym Site Address
12 Club Pleasant Hill Middle 660 Rawl Road, Lexington, SC 29072
12 Dev Intense Gym 109B Fabrister Lane, Lexington, SC 29072
13 Club Meadow Glen (Ct 1, 2) 440 Ginny Lane, Lexington, SC 29072
Saint Andrews Park (Ct 3, 4) 920 Beatty Rd, Columbia, SC 29210
14 Club Plex Indoor Sports 741 Fashion Dr, Columbia, SC 29229
15 Club Brookland Cayce High School (Ct 1,2,3) 1300 State Street, Cayce, SC 29033
Granby Education Center (Ct 4) 1407 Dunbar Road, Cayce, SC 29033
16 Club Crane Creek Gym (Ct 1, 2) 7405 Fairfield Road, Columbia, SC 29203
Denny Terrace Gym (Ct 3,4) 6429 Bishop Avenue, Columbia, SC 29203
17 Club Eastover Park 1031 Main Street, Eastover, SC 29044
18 Club Plex Indoor Sports 741 Fashion Dr, Columbia, SC 29229

Start Times

All region tournaments will begin at 8:30am, unless otherwise posted. Gyms open at 8am, all teams must report to captains meeting at 8:15 in the event of schedule change.

Rules That Can Result in Fines and/or Sanctions

    Teams MUST notify the region AND the tournament host for any change or withdrawal AND receive an email back from us confirming change, which is your protection from sanction or fine. If withdrawal is inside deadlines, fine and/or sanctions will be imposed and must be paid prior to club participating in any future events. See deadlines on tournament specific pages. Note that if you enter a team and have not paid, you are still responsible for entry and/or fines, if we are not notified in writing and you have a response.
    Requests to move divisions from original registration will be considered for acceptance by the date of new request. Keep in mind this can take you from accepted to a wait position. If you want to change division, email the region with specific information – name of club, name of team, tournament, currently registered division, and new division. This applies whether your entry is paid or unpaid. Notifications must be in writing to both host and region. You must receive a written response from the Region in order to avoid fines.

Withdraw Deadlines

Single Day Tournaments

Multi-Day Tournament

Fine / Sanctions

3 Weeks Prior

6 Weeks Prior

Loss of entry fee

2 Weeks Prior

4 Weeks Prior

Loss of entry fee and $50 fine

3 Days Prior
( Must call and speak with someone on phone)

1 Week Prior
Must call and speak with someone on phone)

Loss of entry fee and $100 fine

Within 24 hrs
call and speak with someone on phone)

Within 3 days
Must call and speak with someone on phone)

Loss of entry fee, fine of $150, and sanction

Out of Region Team Withdrawals

Teams outside Palmetto Region must abide by same rules. Clubs who withdraw late and fail to submit to guidelines outlined above will be placed on sanction list and no teams from your club will be allowed to participate in future Palmetto Region tournaments until late fee is settled.

USAV Rosters Required

Teams must print from webpoint and bring two copies of your team roster to each tournament. In-Region teams who show up without a official printed webpoint roster, or participants not listed on roster, the club will be fined $50 on 1st offense, $100 on 2nd offense in same season.

Officiating Requirements

Teams are required to have met minimum region officiating requirements and have certified work crew prior to participating in competition. For most tournaments, the Palmetto region provides paid officials to teach, train, supervise, and rate work crews during pool play. Paid officials
will work as R1 in highest division for playoffs.


The Palmetto Region has a NO-TOLERANCE policy on screaming, yelling, or making any derogatory remarks to ANY official (Up ref, down ref, line judges, or scorekeepers). Keep in mind…they are human…and most of the time they are kids. Penalty is immediate dismissal from gym, no warning. Region teams may face sanction to participate in future tournaments. We recommend teams get a parent to work as scoreflipper.

Tournament Acceptance Guidelines

Tournament spots are awarded based on maximum teams allowed by division, they are accepted based on this criteria:

  1. Postmark of payment received for each team entry.
  2. If same date and less spots than entries, it is determined by the time you entered the team.
  3. If two teams from the same club are tied for one spot the club director can decide.

If you request to move from original registration, you will be considered for acceptance by the date of new request.