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P.R.O Outdoor series continues

A great (but slightly damp tournament) last weekend (6/8) at the CSRA Heat Summer Slam.  This weekend’s tournament is June 15, hosted by Foothills in Clemson.  The signups are rolling in for that tournament as well.  Join the fun of outdoors!

“Served Hot” wins the 16s division at the 6/8 CSRA Heat Outdoor

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When the region sends out important information, we use two sources:

(1)  People who have registered with Palmetto Region USAV.  When players sign up, we require that you put the PARENTS email address in membership, NOT the players.  Often the player will type in their email address, then important news never gets to the parent.

(2) We also have a newsletter that anyone can sign up for to receive news from region.   This is handled by constant contact and must enter email address under NEWSLETTER SIGNUP to get info.

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