Mar. 18 Starlings Spring Fling

Starlings Spring Fling Kidz Power
12U Developmental | March 18 | Columbia, SC
Columbia Starlings


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Entry Fee:


Age Division / Level:

12U Developmental

Host Contact Info :

Gwen Wilcher,

Withdrawal Deadline:

February 18, 2017

Misc / Special Considerations:

General Tournament Rules and Information

For questions related to withdrawal, changes, or entries, email or call the region at or during business hours 864-576-3700.

For specific questions about tournament or gym sites, contact the host.

View all PVA tournament policies, including information on withdraw deadlines and fines, changing divisions, acceptance policies, and inclement weather policies. You are responsible for reading and following these policies.

Kidz Power Tournament Rules

Kidz Power follows these modified rules:

  • If one player serves more than three consecutive serves, it will be an automatic side out with no point awarded to the other team. This prevents one ace server from running off 25 points in a row. Players still only have 2 attempts at serving during each service term.
  • Players are allowed to move in the court to make a successful serve.
  • No scoresheet will be kept. It is required that a parent or adult do the score flip chart. Prefer to have a parent or other registered adult serve as line judges also.
  • Unlimited substitutions: Players may come in and out of the game as desired.
  • Relaxed ball handling rules – We will relax rules and calls to encourage play. Only the coach is allowed to serve as R1, no players.
  • All players receive small prizes at the end of the tournament.
  • Games are played for time, not points. Team with the most points at the end of the allotted time wins. If there is a tie, a 1-point playoff will be played to determine a winner.