Tournament Registration

The Palmetto Region be uses Advanced Event Systems (AES) for tournament entries. See below detailed instructions on how to do this.

Any questions email the region office or call Jimmy 864-576-3700 during business hours.

Tournament registration will open November 15.

Setup an AES Account

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Create New Account” (top right)
  3. Select “Register”
  4. Select “Create Club Director”
  5. Complete form and select “Create Club Account”
  6. You are automatically logged into your account

Import USAV Data

  1. Once logged into your account, select “USAV Data Import”
  2. Enter your webpoint login information.
  3. The system will import your players to add to rosters. Once imported, the system will tell you how many members were added and/or updated.

Enter Events

  1. Select “Enter Event”
  2. Select event name to begin registering
  3. Verify the event requirements by division, then click “Register Teams” (at the top of the page)
  4. Make division selections, then click “Update”
  5. Click “Build Roster” next to the team name. At the end of each build roster session, you are prompted back to this page.
  6. Assign staff to event roster by selecting them from the drop downs and selecting their positions.
  7. Assign players to event roster by choosing them from the list of eligible players at the bottom, use the check box on the far right under “Add”, then select “Update Roster.”
  8. Once your roster is updated, select “Continue.” The system will then verify that all roster requirements are met and allow you to continue.
  9. If you have another roster to build, select “Build Roster” for that team. If not, select “Continue.”
  10. Click “Continue” on the confirmation page.
  11. Payment Page (you will repeat this process for each event)
    • If mailing a check, please print the provided entry form and submit a copy with your check
    • Checks are payable to PVA and are to be mailed to:
      Palmetto Volleyball Association
      Attn: Tournament Entries
      137 Gardenia Dr.
      Ninety Six, SC 29666
    • If submitting payment online, please select “Pay by Credit”

Tournament Acceptance

Acceptance into Palmetto Region Tournaments depends on:

  1. Entry form received in AES
  2. Entry fees: Spot is not considered filled until fee is received, will be based on postmark.
  3. If you request to move divisions from your original registration, you will be considered for acceptance under date of new request.

Officials –  Interested in officiating for the Palmetto Region – contact the region office or sign up in AES. View more information on Official Registration.

Note Important Junior Team Sanctions

Late tournament Team Withdrawals: 
WITHDRAW: Teams MUST notify us for any change or withdrawal AND receive an email back from us confirming this ( your protection from sanction or fine). If withdrawal is inside deadlines, fine and/or sanctions will be imposed and must be paid prior to club participating in any future events. See deadlines on tournament specific pages. Most one day tournaments have deadlines 3 weeks out- multi day begin 6 weeks out.

Out of Region Teams:  The above fines/sanctions will apply.  Teams who fail to adhere, the region will sanction the club to prevent any future region tournament participation.

Late Fee of $25 will be charged for entries within two weeks of tournament based on postmark date of information remitted.