Registration FAQ

PLEASE READ before emailing or calling the region. Click “open” to the right of each question to view the answer.

(phone calls are only accepted during business hours)   If you have registered before, DO NOT create a NEW account.  

Username, Password, and Login Issues

I Can't Find My User Name or Password open

When attempting to retrieve a forgotten username or password, please click on the “Forgot Password” box located in the Options Menu to the left.



Next, in order to confirm the member’s account, the system will request the member’s personal information.


Once this information is confirmed in the database, the system will ask the member to re-set the current password and answer the security question in order to confirm the change.  If the member is unable to recall the answer to their security question they can have further instructions emailed to the address listed in their profile.


Once this information is correctly entered, the log in for the profile will be updated and the member will receive confirmation that this is the case.  They will also automatically be logged into the profile.


I Cannot Sign Into my Account open

You may be going to the wrong place to sign in. Below is the correct link.

If you are going to the correct site and it is saying you have wrong username or password, see above.

Best Way to Remember Username and Password Next Year open

Most times, a username/password error is due to using a player’s email address, that changes often. We suggest you use a stable email address, that is unlikely to change from year to year. Most usernames are the email address provided in the last season.

Other Regions/Multiple Regions Issues

I Was Registered in Another Region Prior to This Season and Can't Register in PVA open

In this case, you will need to email us with your name and date of birth – put in the subject line “Change Region Membership.” Allow up to 48 hrs for response. Once we change your membership from your prior region to the Palmetto Region, you will need to register with Palmetto Region.  If your prior region did not use the online registration from USAV, you will need to request login information before you register. DO NOT REGISTER in your prior region, it makes it more difficult to change you over to Palmetto.

If your membership is still current with your prior region, you will need to contact them to move you. If it is lapsed, our region can change it.

I Live Near a State Line and Want to Tryout in Multiple Regions open

Go to Palmetto Region registration, renew or register new, choose the $5 clinic membership option and PAY. This gives you coverage and allows you to later upgrade to a full membership. If you move to another region, we will transfer your membership over once paid.

Multiple Club Tryout Registration Issues

I Registered as Undecided for Tryout Purposes - How Do I Change My Membership to the Club I Chose? open

You need to do ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:

  • If you plan to play and have chosen a club to play for, YOU need to sign back into your USAV record and change the club from “Undecided” to the club you chose. Go here to do this:
    If you can’t remember your user name and PW, you can request it online.
  • If you are NOT PLAYING this year, simply email us and put in the subject line your NAME and DOB and type “NOT PLAYING” “Jane Smith 1/15/95 Not Playing”

If you are playing, do not write us and tell us to change it, YOU must do this in your record.

I Need to Change My Club to Another Club (not listed as Undecided) open

If your current club status is a club other than UNDECIDED, then you can NOT change it, the region must change this status. Email us, put in subject line: Change club status, your name and DOB. We will get it changed ASAP.