Sportparent’s Creed

Sportparent’s Creed

By Marty Miller – Iowa/USAV Region

I understand my child is unique. She has her own gifts and develops at her own pace.

I understand that my child has her own goals in sports as in other aspects of her life. I will support those goals and keep them separate from my own.

I understand that I am a mirror to my child’s feelings about herself. If I value her, show her respect and compassion, then she will know I love her for who she is – not what she does.

I understand that my behavior off the playing court or field is as important as my child’s behavior on the court or field. My actions and my words have an impact on my child’s behavior.

I understand my child has her own inner voice. My job as parent is to help her recognize it, listen to it, and act on it.

I understand that the coach needs to hear my feelings, feel my support, and understand that our common interest is the well-being of my child – not the scoreboard.

I understand that attaching blame to outside factors – luck, fate, officials, teammates – teaches a lack of responsibility in one’s own actions.

I understand that youth sports should enhance and not dominate my child’s life. Overemphasis of sport reduces the balance of her life and creates undue pressure to perform and excel.

I understand that the other children on the playing court or field are equally important and as special as my child. They deserve my love, support, encouragement, respect, and blessing too.

I understand that I can change any negative patterns that have developed between myself and my child.

As a sportparent, I pledge to continue to see my child as a whole person. I want to understand her emotionally, socially, mentally, physically, and spiritually.