Charlotte Reservations

Charlotte Championship Reservation Program :  NEW for 2017

For 2017, all reservations will be handled online. We have almost 5,000 members, with 280 teams attending Charlotte. The reservation system would not handle everyone making reservations inside of a short time frame. Clubs participated in a lottery draw to determine a specific date (Shown below) inside of a 30 day window for their members to make reservations. Members will have 48 hrs access to all hotels and remaining rooms before the next block of clubs are given their reservation link.

Read everything carefully, as this is an entirely different method to make reservations than in the past.  


  • To make reservations, you must have your team’s  “11 Digit Team Code.”  Make sure you have the correct team code from your club director.
  • DO NOT call hotel or region directly.  ALL reservations will be made online via the Master Reservation Link sent to your club. Do not share this reservation link with anyone other than in your club.  If you make a reservation, make sure you check spam mail for confirmation.  If you have a problem or question email

Hotels will not be aware of your reservation until we release the bookings in this program, probably mid Jan.  Your club director will have records of all reservations.

  • Reservations can be made by individual or one person can hold a block of rooms for team to pick up:
    A- Individual Members (See example below to make individual reservation) Click on “Book Rate”  Do not use HOLD BLOCK link- See screen shot below.  You are not charged your room until arrival.  (you are responsible for 1 night if you cancel inside 3 weeks)
  • B- Team:  One person can hold up to 9 rooms, but for only 48 hrs, within that 48 hrs, individuals must go to link provided and secure by credit card. After 48 hrs any unsecured rooms will be released. SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON BLOCKING BELOW.  Do not block more than you need, determine from your team in advance how many rooms are needed so you hold only what is needed.  Hotel list below
  • charlotte-hotel-example

Questions should first be addressed to your Club Director or read the FAQ below.   If not answered, you can email: If you desire to talk to one of our representatives, provide your contact number in the email.

Room Block Instructions:   This is to be done by team rep only, not club.  There is not enough rooms at one hotel for an entire club.

Determine from your team in ADVANCE where parents want to stay before you make block.  Block only the amount of rooms needed. DO NOT MAKE BLOCKS FOR “assumed reservations”  This takes the rooms out of the system and prevents others from access to them.

To reserve a block of up to 9 rooms:
Make sure you determine IN ADVANCE how many rooms the parents need, do not block on assumption!

  1. Select hotel from the list
  2. Scroll Down to select the room type – Double or King
  3. Click on the Green Button – Hold Block
  4. Enter the contact information
  5. Once confirmed you will receive an email with the block link
  6. Parents MUST make their individual reservation into this block within 48 hours

Trouble shooting tips – in the hotel section it will show in red the number of rooms remaining in that room type category.  If it is less than 9 you will not be able to secure 9 rooms.   Blocks must be for same team, can not be members of different teams.  Need separate block for each additional team.


This continues to be a stay to save event, and all reservations are required to be booked inside the reservation block of hotels.
Palmetto Region has partnered with Alliance Reservation System to book all reservations online. We have also hired several people to oversee reservations and answer questions from directors. This is very similar to making any online reservation and provides all the available hotels, remaining rooms, amenities and rates.  You must have your team 11 digit team code. You club director will notify you the date you will have access to the reservation link.

There are two new downtown hotels, Springhill Suites and Embassey Suites.

Hotels available:

Hotel Name 17 room Rate Location Distance to Site
Aloft Charlotte $126 Dbles $116 Kings Charlotte City 3 blocks
Courtyard Marriott City Center $133 Charlotte City 2.5 blocks
DoubleTree by Hilton Charlotte $108 Dbles, $98 Kings Charlotte City 8 blocks
Embassey suites Updates $142 Dbles $137 Kings Charlotte City new
1 block
Fairfield Inn and Suites Charlotte Uptown $117 Charlotte City 5 blocks
Hampton Inn Uptown $139 Dbles $129 Kings Charlotte City 2 blocks
Hilton Charlotte Center City $139 dbles $129 Kings Charlotte City 1 block
Hilton Garden Inn Charlotte Uptown $139 Dbles $129 Kings Charlotte City 2 blocks
Holiday Inn Center City $111 dbles $101 Kings Charlotte City 5 blocks
Hyatt House Charlotte City Ctr $128.00 Charlotte City 3.5 blocks
Hyatt Place Charlotte Downtown $129.00 Charlotte City 2 blocks
$127 Charlotte City 3 blocks
Marriott City Center $129 Charlotte City 4 blocks
Omni Charlotte $129 Charlotte City 2.5 blocks
Residence Inn by marriott Uptown $130 Charlotte City 4 blocks
Sheraton Charlotte City Center $122 Charlotte City 5 blocks
Spring Hill Suites Uptown (New hotel 3/2017)

Includes Buffet breakfast, all suites, wifi

& much more

$144 Charlotte City new 3


Westin $143 Dble $133 King Charlotte City 1 block
Courtyard Marriott Arrowood $109 Charlotte outofcity 5 miles
Embassey Suites- S Tyron $129 Charlotte outofcity 5 miles / 10 mins

Reservation FAQ

What hotel choices and price ranges do we have? 

We have over 20 hotels and 1500 room nights blocked.  The reservation system will inform you how many rooms are remaining with each hotel.  

A fine is imposed to the club/team for: 

Making more than one reservation at different hotels for same guest.
Rooms dropped inside of 3 weeks, without valid reason.

How do we make changes in the reservation? 
Email    Make sure you get a reply within 24 hrs to verify receipt.

What about a team(s) who want to stay in same hotel?
This can be done by one person using the group block reservation and providing their are sufficient rooms at one hotel. 

Can a parent use award points to book a room?

Yes, for this, you will need to go through your award company.  The reservation must be remitted to Region at  Provide region your 11 digit team code and name of player associated with reservation.  The award company will not be aware of our tournament and block.

What is the minimum number of rooms a team must book?

Each team will be required to book a minimum of 5 rooms, each with a 2 night minimum stay.

Team room totals are based on each individual team and not on a club team average, so the specific team that you are booking for must be selected when making the reservation. Therefore, if a club is entering 4 teams into the tournament; they must book 5 rooms per team, not average of all 4 teams.

Teams who do not meet minimum room requirements will be charged an additional $100 entry fee.

Can reservations be made via 3rd parties:, Expedia, etc?   No

Can you stay with friends or family? 
If within 60 miles of event and provide address.  Team still must meet min. # of room nights.

IMPORTANT:  Each reservation will need a Region 11 Digit Team Code.  Make sure you have this code from your club before making your reservation. 

What will be our clubs “Open Reservation Date” ?

ClubName 2016 Total Tms Charlotte Resv Date
A Town Academy   11/28/16
Against All Odds 2 12/06/16
Augusta Elite 2 12/18/16
Beaufort VBC 5 12/03/16
Branchville VBC 3 12/18/16
C4 2 12/18/16
Carolina Express 1 12/18/16
Carolina One 28 12/03/16
Carolina Islanders 6 12/09/16
Carolina Rogue 0 11/28/16
Carolina Royal ? 12/18/16
Charleston Elite 0 12/03/16
Charleston Juniors 11 12/16/16
Club Coastal 5 12/06/16
Club Savannah 0 12/20/16
Club South NS 0 12/20/16
Columbia Starlings 3 12/13/16
Columbia Volleyball Academy 1 12/18/16
Crossfire VB 4 11/28/16
CSRA Heat 14 11/28/16
Emeral City Jrs 0 12/06/16
Excell Sports 5 12/11/16
Foothills VBC 8 12/06/16
Fort Mill VBC 4 12/01/16
High Velocity Volleyball Club 5 12/13/16
Hurricanes VBC 4 12/13/16
Ignite Volleyball Academy   12/20/16
Intense RH   12/16/16
Intense Volleyball 13 12/16/16
Island United 0 12/20/16
KC11 1 11/28/16
Kershaw County Jrs 9 12/13/16
KVC Jrs 3 12/20/16
Lady Cubs Juniors 5 12/13/16
Lake Murray 9 12/01/16
Low Country 4 12/01/16
Magnum Volleyball Club 32 12/09/16
MOTO Volleyball Club 6 12/06/16
Mountain Elite 3 12/06/16
Myrtle Beach VBC 3 12/06/16
Palmetto Rage VBC 7 12/01/16
Palmetto Starling 0 12/20/16
Palmetto Strikers 8 12/13/16
Sandhills 1 12/18/16
SC Midlands 24 12/09/16
SC War Eagles 0 12/06/16
Sumter Volleyball Club 6 12/18/16
Swarm VBC 1 12/18/16
United 1 12/20/16
Upward 0 12/13/16
Upstate Volleyball Club 8 11/28/16
Vision vBC 9 12/01/16
VolleyOne 0 12/01/16