Parent Tournament Info

We hope the information provided here will assist new or returning parents and players with what to expect on tournament days.

The Palmetto Region will administer tournaments that are hosted in our region (South Carolina).  This should help in finding information much easier since all data will be located in one location.


(1) Your first step is to determine from your club director or coach which tournaments your team is entered.  All registration is now done through Advanced Event Systems.

(2) Next step is to go to the region tournament schedule link above. For each tournament on the schedule, you will find a link to the “Detailed Page.” Here you will find detailed information on gym sites, directions, pool information, etc.  Schedules are normally not posted until two weeks prior to the tournament date.

Never wait until Friday night or Saturday morning to get information.  Review several weeks ahead of time, but wait until 3-4 days out to print directions. Gym locations could change. Always check the Friday night before you leave to check for any changes.  If you have questions- you should first go to your (1) club director or coach  (2)  if you can’t get answers – you contact the region tournament coordinator, Amber Glass if it is outside of two weeks, if inside of two weeks, you contact the tournament host- all contacts found on the detailed page.  On the day of the tournament, the detailed page will provide a cell phone for gym supervisors for each site.

We also recommend you have cell phone numbers of other team parents in the event you get lost or problems- you can contact them to inform you will be late.

When getting directions, we suggest you print off the region directions and ALSO obtain directions from Google Maps based on the physical address of gym.  Again, we recommend this is done the day before the tournament in the event of changes.

Always check back to the site the day before the tournament to check for changes.  The region site will provide a link to a HOST page site who is responsible for posting any last minute changes.


Palmetto Region Tournament Policies

Most in region tournaments are one day events. A few will be half days and multi-days.  For one day events- times are as follows: Gyms normally open at 8am, coaches meetings at 8:15, with warm-ups for teams who play first to begin at 8:30.

We recommend you plan to be at site by 7:45, which gives you a little extra time in the event of getting lost. Even if your team is scheduled to play 2nd or 3rd match- pool play could change the morning of due to no shows.

The format for tournaments will be pool play initially, followed by play offs.  Teams play all other teams in a round robin format during pool play.  Pool play varies based on the number of entries- but is normally 4 or 5 team pools. Details of your pool play should be posted, in most cases on the detailed page or can be downloaded by an excel spread sheet.

Note- pool play has estimated time of matches to begin- these are ESTIMATES- matches could change, but each will begin at the end of the previous match and can be early or late based on play.  We recommend you always leave the players at the gym site in the event matches run early. If  food or other items is needed, a team parent should leave the facility.

Below is an example of a 5 team pool:

All teams stay for all of pool play.  Remember, times are only estimates.  To read the pool play format- you would determine what team you are; 1-5 – which would be listed on that detailed page AND this could change the morning of.  For example above, Teams 1 and 2 would play first, Team 3 would be responsible for officiating. Officiating duties take one up rep, one down ref, two line judges, and 3 at the scorekeeping table- 1 to flip score, 1 to keep score on scoresheets and 1 libero tracker. We encourage coaches to be up-refs [required under 14] and parents to consider being line judges and score flippers.  To up ref, down ref or scorekeep, you must be certified.  Instructions on the region website.

Play-offs are followed by pool play.  The detailed page will inform all how many teams will go to playoffs out of pool play. Normally all if the pool is 4 or less. If it is 5 team pool, normally only 4 advance. Note, Palmetto Region elected to NOT have playoff games to break ties to enter playoffs.  Playoffs are determined by a tie breaking procedure that is explained on each pool format sheet.

Play-offs are single elimination matches. In the above example, the top four teams from pool play would advance to playoffs. Two semi final matches would be played to determine two teams to enter finals. Playoff format is often based on the time playoffs start:  for example above would be; Before 5pm 25-25-15 start at 4. If after 5pm, semi’s 1 game to 25, finals 25-25-15 start at 4.


Parents can figure out from above example, you sit quite a bit out of the total day.  Bring comfortable chairs, snacks, and things to do.