Juniors Official Requirements

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Contact Questions:  Before you contact the region, READ the step by step instructions, many times this addresses your question.
If you have questions, please contact your club director first.

The overall goal for the Palmetto Region is to enhance and improve officiating skills of our adult players, coaches, and junior players via improved tracking, rating, and supervision of all officials. Please read all of the instructions below BEFORE taking the clinics so you are sure to take the correct one and get credit for it!

Any questions regarding the officiating clinics should go to your CLUB DIRECTOR first, they will contact the region if they are unable to answer the question. If you have any questions about the Palmetto Region Officials Program, please contact our Officials Chairperson, at palmettovbofficialchair@gmail.com.

Download these instructions as a PDF by clicking here.

Download the Rating FAQ here.

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2017 Junior Team Requirements

All Palmetto Region junior teams are required to have the following certified members on their roster:

  • At least 1 adult R1 (only adults in 14U and younger divisions)
  • At least 2 R2
  • At least 2 Scorers
  • At least 1 Libero Tracker
  • All rostered members must take the Line Judge clinic
    Teams must meet minimum requirements by 1/31.  A team that participates in a tournament after 1/31 and doesn’t meet requirements will be subject to the following fine:
    1st offense: $50
    2nd offense: $100
    3rd offense: Team is suspended until requirements are met.


  • Palmetto Region policy requires that Junior Team Officials be trained before they participate in a match as part of the work crew.
  • At least one of the work team members AT THE TABLE must be a USAV registered & rostered adult. This person may or may not be a coach, but must be a registered USAV member, must be on the team roster, and must have completed the required training for the work team responsibility they are performing. We are strongly encouraging parents to consider fulfilling this requirement!!  Rostered Parents will have free entry to any Tournament with an Entry Fee.
  • Each person who will function during the season as a 1st  referee, 2nd  referee or scorer must be trained, and must take the exam (NO LATER THAN January 1st) for each function that they will be performing during the seasonIt is recommended that the entire team complete the Libero Tracking & Line Judge training.


To become certified or re-certified as a Junior Referee or Junior Scorer you must do the following:

  • Be a current member in good standing within Palmetto Region – USA Volleyball.
  • Attend the approved online Junior Official Clinic by January 1st
    • Individual online clinics will be accomplished using USAV’s Official Training & Education System. All members MUST register through the Webpoint Curriculum System to receive credit.
  • Complete the assigned material until certification for the course is achieved by January 1st.
  • Demonstrate the ability to officiate (R1, R2, Score). Must be rated for an entire set.
    • Each Junior R1, R2 and Scorer must pass 1 rating completed by a PVA professional official. If a failing score is given, you MUST review the online clinic and complete another rating during a different set. The same member of the rating team can give the subsequent rating.
    • Certification process (clinic & rating) MUST be completed by January 31st. Ratings are good for 2 years. Please NOTE: to maintain your certification, you MUST complete the online clinic and test each year.

General Officials Clinic Information

(all clinics are ONLINE- it will say Ninety Six, that is region address- disregard) 

Everyone follows these steps to begin the certification process

  1. Register through Webpoint

    1. https://webpoint.usavolleyball.org/
    2. From the home screen click on “Region Ref/Score Clinics”
    3. Then select the appropriate JUNIOR clinic and click “register”
    4. Clinics for Juniors:
      1. 2016-2017 Palmetto Region Junior LineJudge Clinic
      2. 2016-2017 Palmetto Region Junior Scorer Clinic
      3. 2016-2017 Palmetto Region Junior Assistant Scorer Clinic (Libero tracking)
      4. 2016-2017 Palmetto Region Junior First Referee Clinic
      5. 2016-2017 Palmetto Region Junior Second Referee Clinic
    5. Fill in all required information and click “Submit”, confirm information on next screen and click “Register.”
    6. NOTE: You can get to the courses straight from this screen!!! If you need to return later, first login to Webpoint, then click on the large red tab for USAV Academy.
  2. USA Volleyball Academy
    1. Access is directly through Webpoint this year! Click on the red “USAV Academy” button in Webpoint to take you directly there. No need to login again.
    2. Once you are in, click on the curriculum Green “GO” Icon to start the course. All courses in a clinic must be completed to 100% to receive a certificate.
    3. Experienced candidates can now take a pre-quiz fast forwarding them to a refresher and on to the next module. You must make 90% or better on your first try in order to use this feature. You can only take it once!
      ref9 ref10
    4. If you don’t pass the Pre-Quiz, or you are a beginner, you MUST take the entire module.
    5. As always, you must pass by 90% or better to complete the clinic.
    6. You can take the full clinic as many times as necessary to achieve 90%.
    7. Here is a list of courses within each Clinic. You must take all courses in a clinic to complete that clinic.
      1. Clinic: Junior R1
        Junior First Referee Introduction
        Junior Second Referee
        Junior Signals
        Junior First Referee
        Libero Control
        Scoring Basics Non-deciding Set
        Scoring Deciding Set
      2. Clinic: Junior R2
        Junior Second Referee Introduction
        Junior Second Referee
        Junior Signals
        Scoring Basics Non-deciding Set
        Scoring Deciding Set
      3. Clinic: Junior Scorer
        Junior Scorer Introduction
        Libero Control
        Scoring Basics Non-deciding Set
        Scoring Deciding Set
        Basic Scoring Example
      4. Clinic: Junior Assistant Scorer
        Junior Assistant Scorer Introduction
        Libero Control
      5. Clinic: Junior Line Judge
        Junior Line Judge Introduction
        Junior Line Judge
    8. After all training courses within a clinic are completed, you will receive a completion certification.
      ref12 ref13
    9. Print your certificate to show to your club director or rater. There is a “My Transcripts” folder where you can always find a record of what you have completed.
  3. Receive a Rating
    1. Junior Line Judges and Libero Control (Assistant Scorers) do NOT require ratings. Once you have taken and passed your clinic with a 90% or better, you are certified.
    2. Junior Scorers, Junior R2s and Junior R1s must obtain a rating by a member of our professional officiating staff. Clinics must be completed FIRST and proof submitted before you attempt a rating. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CERTIFICATE IN HAND TO BE RATED, NO EXCEPTIONS!
    3. Professional officials will submit ratings to the official chair, who will then update the Webpoint membership database weekly. A member’s record will not be updated unless all requirements have been met.
    4. You must pass the online clinic every year. Ratings are good for 2 years.

Junior Requirements Summary

  • Be a member of Palmetto Region
  • Register through Webpoint for Juniors Officials Clinics
  • Take relevant Official Clinic & Exam in USA Volleyball Academy by January 1st.
  • Receive relevant rating by PVA Professional Official (required for R1, R2, and Scorer position)
  • Directors: Submit completed roster with Certifications included to the Officials Chair by January 31st. Each roster must include 1 R1 (must be adult in 14U and younger age groups), 2 R2, 2 Scorer.
  • Enjoy a structured, FUN, and fair season