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Palmetto Tryout Process: A Guide to Finding a Team

Welcome to the Palmetto Region Tryout process. The Palmetto Region is one of 40 regions across the United States that supports the USA Junior Volleyball program. Each region has its own process for clubs to select players and form teams to compete in local, regional, and national competitions.

Within USA Volleyball Palmetto Region, there are over 40 different clubs of different size, philosophy, goals and programs.

This page is a guide to help you and your child make the most out of the Palmetto Region club tryout process and make your experience an enjoyable and rewarding one. Your involvement in the process leading up to that important first day of tryouts will help to minimize frustrations and better assure finding a club that fits your needs and your child’s level of play.

If this is your first time to navigate thru the tryout process you are not alone. Even veteran parents often find the process difficult. There are many choices of clubs, practice locations, levels of play, travel, etc. We hope to give you a foundation of ideas to work with, considerations you may not have explored, and avenues of research in an effort to make your choice of clubs right for you and your child.

Getting Started
Within this page there will be links to other pages within the Palmetto Region web site. Please follow these links and familiarize yourself with the layout as this is where most all of your research will take place. Allow yourself plenty of time ahead of that first tryout date to compile the information you will need for a successful tryout.

Following is a suggested bullet list of priorities that will leave you much better prepared for tryouts. Each item will be fully described throughout this document along with supporting links to the PVA/Palmetto Region web site.

Needed Before Tryouts:

All players, as well as coaches and adult volunteers must be registered and paid before participating in any sanctioned events including tryouts. You must be a registered member before participating in any clubs tryouts. Please complete this registration process as early as possible.

You will enter “undecided” at this time if you are trying out for more than one club. If you choose a club by mistake or decide after you choose to tryout for multiple clubs, you can’t make the change. You must email the region, provide the players name and DOB, and make request.  office@palmettovb.com

Multiple Club Tryouts:

We suggest you narrow your search to 2 or 3 Clubs. Searching for clubs begins on the Juniors Club page. On this page all clubs in the Palmetto Region are listed and have links to those clubs that maintain web sites. You can locate clubs alphabetically. We also have a spreadsheet that provides the clubs tryout dates/times by age.

Comparing Clubs and offers:

Once you have determined the clubs you wish to focus on, the best method to learn as much as you can about them will be other parents/players who have previously played for that club. Also visit their website and parent-player information meetings, if provided.

The club’s web site should give you most of the information about their upcoming season.  We recommend you also read the How to Compare a Club resource on the PVA website.