Register a New Club

We welcome new clubs and will assist you with all your start up needs.  Prior to advertising or sending out information on your club, we require an approval from the region.  You need to contact the region office at  or call Jimmy at 864-576-3700 to create a new club in the Palmetto Region. NOTE-  you must be APPROVED before any advertising or start up.

Remit the following:

1) Name of Club

2) Director(s) of the club:

3) 2 References for the director(s), along with short bio (who they are, what they currently do):

4) Contact info for director: Phone, address, and email

5) Plan of club:  Provide how many teams you plan to have, where you will practice, coaches you have planned to use, etc.

6) Location of club

7) Coaches name(s) if known.

8) If you have a website, provide address:

Understand, that Club ball teams officiate themselves, so coaches and players must get certified to be Up ref (r1) down ref (R2), scorekeepers and line judges.  All training is done online.  We suggest  you read over official section to get details.