IMPACT & SafeSport

To view current IMPACT and SafeSport status for all registered adults in the region, please click here. List is accurate as of 9/1/17.

IMPACT Course:

USA Volleyball now offers the mandatory IMPACT course as an online webinar, available for you to take any time, anywhere (with an Internet connection). All coaches must take the IMPACT course to be eligible to coach. You must have a USAV webpoint account to be able to access the IMPACT course. For 2018, coaches will not be able to be placed on a roster in webpoint if they are not IMPACT and SafeSport certified.

All coaches are required to take IMPACT in order to be placed on a roster. Cost is $40, region pays $20 and at sign up, coach pays $20.

Click here to access the IMPACT course. You will need to login to your USAV account, so make sure to register or renew your registration for USAV first if you have not yet done so.

From the date of registration, a coach has a time limit of 60 days to complete the course and pass the exam. Should a coach register for this discounted IMPACT OnDemand course and not complete their course prior to the 60 day deadline, the student will be responsible for paying the $25 fee directly to the USAV-Education department to re-open their course for an additional 60 day time period.

Registration for these courses may be utilized at any time between now and Sept 1, 2018.

Any coach taking the course needs to register himself/herself individually.

Safe Sport Training 

For 2018, SafeSport is required for any adult wishing to be listed on a junior team roster. This includes directors, coaches, and parents who wish to be listed on the roster.

The SafeSport course will be accessible starting October 1, 2018. The link will be posted here and sent to club directors.

Please also note that by default, anyone who completed IMPACT or Beach IMPACT between September 2014 and August 2017 has received the SafeSport certification in Webpoint.

About SafeSport

Athletes will perform better, soar higher, and get more from sport if they feel safe. The USOC SafeSport Program seeks to create a healthy, supportive environment for all participants. Through education, resources, and training, we help members of the sport community recognize, reduce, and respond to misconduct in sport.

For Information on the SafeSport Victim Services Helplineclick here.

Below are some links to the main USOC SafeSport website as well as other resources identified through the Program.  Please help us provide a safe and fun environment for all our participants!

SafeSport Training for Coaches:

  • IMPORTANT:  Please note that members will not be able to take the online SafeSport training from Monday, September 18 through Sunday, October 1, 2017 as the USOC will be updating their training with new material for the 2018 season.
    • Link will be available after October 1
    • Choose SafeSport Training
    • CLICK “Add to Bag”
    • CLICK “Checkout” (there is no charge)
    • Follow the on-screen instructions for registering and completing the training. If you have never created a log in for this site click REGISTER.
    • If registering for the first time, be sure to “+Add Membership” and select USA Volleyball and enter your current USAV Membership Number. (NOTE: If you don’t have your Membership Number, you may enter your club affiliation.)The USOC SafeSport course is online and anyone can take the clinic on their own schedule.  The course should take about 90 minutes.  To take the Training:
  • Please keep any confirmations of completed SafeSport Training. USA Volleyball will track SafeSport certifications in the member’s record.  If your certification does not show in your record within 3 weeks of completion, please forward your certificate to the Region Office.

SafeSport Parent Training:

The USOC has developed training geared specifically towards the parents of our youth athletes. This training is a great tool to ensure that everyone in our sport community is speaking the same language when it comes to the prevention of misconduct in sport.  NOTE:  The Parent Training will NOT satisfy the SafeSport requirement for Junior Coaches!  All Junior Coaches and Junior Club Personnel should take the Full course linked above! The Parent Training will also NOT satisfy the requirement for any parents wishing to be listed on a team roster. Those parents must also take the Full course linked above.

To Complete the Training:

  • Go to
  • Click STORE
  • Choose SafeSport Parent Training
  • Click ADD TO BAG
  • Click CHECKOUT (there is no charge)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for registering and completing the training. If you have never created a log in for this site click REGISTER.
  • During the registration process, please be sure to select USA Volleyball as your organization and enter your current USAV Membership Number. (NOTE: If the parent is not a member of USA Volleyball, they may enter their name into the appropriate fields and enter their child’s membership number. A note will be made in Webpoint that the parent completed the SafeSport training.)

Visit the SafeSport website for more information and to complete the training course.