Coach Training

IMPACT Course:

USA Volleyball now offers the mandatory IMPACT course as an online webinar, available for you to take any time, anywhere (with an Internet connection). All coaches must take the IMPACT course to be eligible to coach. You must have a USAV webpoint account to be able to access the IMPACT course.

New Coaches are required to take this online Impact clinic prior to Jan 31st. Cost is $40, region pays $20 and at sign up, coach pays $20.

Here is the link for on demand IMPACT clinic for new coaches.

From the date of registration, a coach has a time limit of 60 days to complete the course and pass the exam. Should a coach register for this discounted IMPACT OnDemand course and not complete their course prior to the 60 day deadline, the student will be responsible for paying the $25 fee directly to the USAV-Education department to re-open their course for an additional 60 day time period.

Registration for these courses may be utilized at any time between now and Sept 1, 2017.

Any coach taking the course needs to register himself/herself individually.

Safe Sport Training

During the 2016-17 season, participation in nationally sanctioned junior events will require that SafeSport certification be completed by all registered adults. Individual regions may set earlier deadlines for their respective regional events.

As a reminder, only the full 90-minute SafeSport course will receive certification in Webpoint. While we encourage people to view the other SafeSport course offerings on the USOC SafeSport page, we are not tracking those course completions and they are not satisfactory for meeting USA VolleyballSafeSport training requirements. Below are step-by-step instructions that you can distribute to members in your region to ensure that they are completing the correct course. Please also note that by default, anyone who has completed IMPACT or Beach IMPACT since September 2014 has received the SafeSport certification in Webpoint.

Visit the SafeSport website for more information and to complete the training course.

COACHES Training Assistance : 

Below are a number of links that can assist the coach.

Video Drills:  This site has 100’s of VB Drills.  Palmetto assisted created many of these, use my log-in to access:  UN:   PW: Palmetto


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Recipe for Club Growth
  Joining USAV’s John Kessel are Jimmy Peden, Palmetto RVA commissioner and /director of Club South, Michael Fletcher, Club A5 and Eric Hodgson of Club Zia and a staff member of the Arizona RVA of USAV. Over 100 years of club volleyball growing experiences are shared in a best practices way.

Meaningful Competition & the Competitive Cauldron
  Join Jason Trepanier from Canada’s Ontario Volleyball Association, and John Kessel of USA Volleyball, in this free USAV webinar covering ideas in creating meaningful competition for all ages in both beach and indoor play. Also ideas and tips in developing a competitive cauldron for your team.

Talent and the Secret Life of Teams
 — Listen in on Terry Pettit’s insights into his volleyball book, by the same title of this webinar. Terry had to call in by cell phone and is a bit distant on the mic but he shares some great thoughts on a wide range of volleyball topics. Skip forward 4 minutes into the webinar, unless you want to hear me solving the tech problems of getting Terry to connect in. You can read much more about Terry and order his book at

How to Grow Your Program
 — Dave Thomas from USA Swimming and Tim McCune, Director of USA Volleyball’s Development department share over 40 years of ideas in growing programs all over America.

Motor Learning Theory
 – Dr. Carl McGown, founder of the Gold Medal Squared program, joins John Kessel of USA Volleyball to present this incredibly important free webinar. Carl has been part of every USA men’s Olympic team since 1984, and thus part of THREE gold and one bronze medals. His full bio can be seen by CLICKING HERE and more information on the Gold Medal Squared program can be found by CLICKING HERE. 

FUNdaMENTAL Volleyball Level One
  Bringing to life the popular article FUNdaMENTAL Volleyball, John Kessel of USA Volleyball shares core principles and ideas in strengthening the mental side of the game, as part one of a two part series. Tim Engels will share part two on March 16th at 7pm MDT, see below.

On the Edge of Human Achievement
 – A fascinating webinar by US Olympic Committee High Performance Director Peter Vint. This special presentation on topics like the Checklist Manifesto, things learned from the Vancouver 2010 Games, deliberate practice, random vs. blocked training and so much more is a must listen to for coaches at all levels.

Developing Viable Boys Volleyball
 — Join USAV’s Coordinator of Boys and Men’s Volleyball and the staff from Dallas Fort Worth High Intensity Boys Volleyball Program – Keith Nannie, Director, Randall Morris 18s coach and Grant Baldwin, Director of Marketing and 17’s coach for this great discussion on how to grow the under-represented side of our game, boys volleyball.

Athlete Safeguards
  Listen in with the Chair of USA Volleyball’s Athlete Safeguard Commission, Dr. Cecile Reynaud of Florida State University as she shares the commission’s insights into providing a safer training and competition environment for volleyball players and supporting members.