Clubs 4 Clubs : Best Practices


CLUB: Ideas to reduce cost

CLUB: Competition with other clubs for players

CLUB: Promotion/Ideas to grow

CLUB: Discussion of Player Recruiting Process

CLUB: To have or not to have Parent Board Members, pros/cons

CLUB: Ideas on collecting fees on timely basis and have sufficient for startup

CLUB: Relationships with schools / Coaches:

CLUB: How to prepare/plan pre season without knowing player quantity

CLUB: Tryouts:  , how to hold tryouts,  Ideas on dealing with players attending multiple clubs tryouts

CLUB: Marketing ideas to promote your club

CLUB: How do you handle uniforms: include, player pays, each yr, multiple yrs?

COACH: Teaching similar skills

COACH: Training Coaches

COACH: Finding quality and quantity

FACILITY:  Finding affordable practice locations

FACILITY: Pros/Cons of having own facility

FEES: How to collect late or non pmts of fees:

FEES: Do you offer speed and agility training extra, included in fees or is it offered in house included in fees.

FEES: Fundraising ideas

FEES: How much and how to collect sufficient fees at start up

OFFICIAL:  Efficient process to train players/Coaches:

OFFICIAL: Ideas to get players/coaches to take clinic early

PARENTS: Dealing with complaints

PARENTS: How to educate club life to new parents

PLAYERS: How many on a team/ Playing time

PLAYERS:  Dealing with dual sports

PLAYERS: Dealing with commitment/ finishing the season

PLAYERS: Programs to attract developmental young players

TEAMS: Travel/Housing management