Clubs 4 Clubs : Best Practices


Region has provided information that can assist club directors in their operation.   Below are also links of Best Practice ideas shared by other club directors.

Palmetto Region Club Directors Information Page     Summary of information, deadlines, fines are included in top section of Handbook.


Region recommends Club Directors to review material USAV offers:


CLUB: Ideas to reduce cost

CLUB: Competition with other clubs for players

CLUB: Promotion/Ideas to grow

CLUB: Discussion of Player Recruiting Process

CLUB: To have or not to have Parent Board Members, pros/cons

CLUB: Ideas on collecting fees on timely basis and have sufficient for startup

CLUB: Relationships with schools / Coaches:

CLUB: How to prepare/plan pre season without knowing player quantity

CLUB: Tryouts:  , how to hold tryouts,  Ideas on dealing with players attending multiple clubs tryouts

CLUB: Marketing ideas to promote your club

CLUB: How do you handle uniforms: include, player pays, each yr, multiple yrs?

COACH: Teaching similar skills

COACH: Training Coaches

COACH: Finding quality and quantity

FACILITY:  Finding affordable practice locations

FACILITY: Pros/Cons of having own facility

FEES: How to collect late or non pmts of fees:

FEES: Do you offer speed and agility training extra, included in fees or is it offered in house included in fees.

FEES: Fundraising ideas

FEES: How much and how to collect sufficient fees at start up

OFFICIAL:  Efficient process to train players/Coaches:

OFFICIAL: Ideas to get players/coaches to take clinic early

PARENTS: Dealing with complaints

PARENTS: How to educate club life to new parents

PLAYERS: How many on a team/ Playing time

PLAYERS:  Dealing with dual sports

PLAYERS: Dealing with commitment/ finishing the season

PLAYERS: Programs to attract developmental young players

TEAMS: Travel/Housing management