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New Parent Membership

USAV and Palmetto Region now requires for insurance purposes all adults/parents who assist a team in any function ( warmups, scorekeeping,line judge, Down or Up ref) needs to be a USAV member.

Palmetto Region has created a DISCOUNTED PARENT MEMBERSHIP.   Normal memberships are $50, plus a $20 background check ( due once every 2 yrs). Parents willing to help their daughter’s team will only be charged $25, plus background check.

NET COST IS ONLY $10 bucks or LESS!!!!   Since parent now will be listed on the official roster,  you will get into tournaments that charge an entry fee for FREE.  This would include in Region the (1) Charleston Tournament Jan 5-6th and (2) Regional Championships in Charlotte.   Also, if team attends any national type tournament, most allow up to 5 adult staff in free listed on roster.  This could easily save you enough for $25 membership fee and BG fee check.

We hope parents will help their daughter’s team and pass online training as a line judge, scorekeeper, or Up/Down Ref.